Medicom Toy releases the Bearbrick Series 38

When you see a crazy casting at the cinema, usually the "Wow" is necessary, and well for the Bearbrick Series 38 The reaction is the same. "Basic, Villain, Artist, SF, Animal, Hero and Cute", we return the favorite themes of the Bearbrick series. You will find the mode label Anti Social Social Club On a very graphic Bearbrick with dominant pink, the heroes of the Mib (impossible not to dance on the air of Will Smith), Joker the terrible "Naughty" De Batman honoring the DC COMICS license or a refreshing Bearbrick Bubble Tea!

Between Known Characters and Unpublished Creations - We think of the Bearbrick of the Artist in Vogue Lauren Tsai - Medicom Toy does hard with these new launches.

The 38 series of Bearbrick is very eclectic, which will delight the collectors of a day or forever!

Go to theBearbrick's website To discover the entire series.

Credits: Dreamworks / Medicom Toy

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