Mello by Steven Harrington X Toyqube!

Mello. This is the name of the flagship character of the universe of the American artist Steven Harrington. RI have with kit, we see you come. Considered a leader of the contemporary pop-psychedelic movement in California, Steven Harrington throws water with Toyqube To edit a figurine with the effigy of his character: Mello. Wing a wink supported at its first large permanent sculpture located in South Korea, this figurine will make a remarkable entry in your collection.

From the top of these 30cm, Mello de Steven Harrington resumes The lines of his bright, playful and tinged style of an aesthetic a little retro. A scientist that makes his fame and who will seduce, from now on, the collectors of figurines. Tricolor, this figurine oscillates between the white, the black and the king blue in a pretty clean contrast set. 250 piece edited, Mello de Steven Harrington and Toyqube allows you to know this character better, discover in all his facets on The Instagram of the Artist.


Source: vinylpulse

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