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Article: Michael Lau Football Club


Michael Lau Football Club

Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club Michael Lau and football, it's more than a love story! The project Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club promises to be e-no-rme and will monopolize all its gallery for the duration of the event! He has been preparing for several days already an installation in his new Michael gallery in Hong Kong around the FIFA World Cup. Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club Each of the teams will have - at least - its figurine in the colors of its country, or at least 32 figurines already. The figurine used is the one we saw for the series Lamdog Football And it is about fifteen centimeters. Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club We also hear that there is a splendid golden figurine World Cup Michael which would be offered when you buy the 32 (!). Quarrybay 2006 - Michael Football Club But, he also customized these same "standard" with the image of Mascots WORLD CUP (yes yes, FOOTIX, PIC, Juanito, Striker ...). These mascot figures seem to be sold with a T-shirt. We can therefore imagine 10 t-shirts + figurines and 32 team figurines sold by two. But (second but), there are also 4 figurines Baby (The famous flocked rabbit) in the colors of Argentina, Brazil, England and France ... Obviously the 4 teams that are favoring books. Baby

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