MIGHTY JAXX comes out Lil 'Maxx Transformers!

Before being comics, cartoons, video games or Michael Bay movies with big budget, transformersIt's a franchise born of Takara Tomy in Japan and Hasbro in the USA. The line of toys highlighted robots turning into a car and vice versa. You find on one side the Autobots (the Gentiles) and the other Decepticons (Bah ... the bad guys). For this new reinterpretation isMighty jaxx who launches with a brand new series named Lil 'Maxx Transformers. ThatPromet.

To avoid jealous and delight the fans, Mighty Jaxx made a mix of autobot characters and decepticons, so you will find in the series Arcee, Bumblebee, Devastator, Grimlock, Hotrod, Megatron, Optimus Premium, Ravage, Soundwave and Starscream. With a stylized and refined aesthetic only showing a few characters 'codes, Lil' Maxx Transformers are likely to dive into the tourbillon of the collection! Most ? Some rare models hide within these blind box of Robots that breathe the 80's.



Source: MIGHTY JAXX Instagram

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