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Article: Mini Rolitoboy Series "French Kiss"


Mini Rolitoboy Series "French Kiss"

French Kiss Series

One of the largest frustrations of Rolito stamped figurine collectors holds a few inches of four-folded yellow paper folded in four, corresponding to one of the first forecast catalogs of Toy2R outputs. It announced a collaborative series of Rolitoboy whose visuals presented, the size of a trained thumb, made us salivate and the hope of seeing them disembark at any time remained in our minds for a good number years.

While the painful sentence we feared all were going to fall under the laconic fingers of a Raymond Choy in English still sharpened: "Rolitoboy Design Is Too Complicate and So It Is Expansive Toys Then Not." Or a trick of the genre, (Peace to you Raymond we disconnect We are young), it was necessary to get to the evidence, this series would end up the souvenir in our mental shop.

I could go out a formula all made of the genre "everything comes to who knows how to wait" but it bothers me, so I will not turn around the pot and date the series of Mini Rolitoboy "French Kiss" Who will meet our Legan expectations -Adate a moment!

French Kiss Series

To the generic appear: 123klan, Chick, Danyboy, Kant1, The female dog, Lewis Trondheim, Mr Francois, Rolito, Run, Stan, Superwink, The Pit, Yuck.

On this freshly released advertising intertwine each of the stakeholders, except for an absent that it would be difficult to determine today ... Maybe if the interested goes from here he can refer us in the comments.

Always on the paper it does not seem to have disappointments, always wait for the delicate volume port to be sure that some minute details - oh how important - will not be passed to the hatch ( or the stuffing).  

The exit date is undeributed, and it is difficult to think that it can be available before the holidays, but join our hands, close my eyes together and invoquoons Jean-Micheline, the saint patroness of Chinese factories, who in his Legendary proxecution will do its best to lay these wonders as soon as possible in Blind Box with reasonable ratios and a good start-up distribution thank you.

For yes, Jean-Micheline is a chicken.

Have a nice week end.

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