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Article: MIST: Expo Class'88 & Debilz


MIST: Expo Class'88 & Debilz

Debiliz It does not remain inactive for a long time, so tempted as it was at a time! Multiple activities for Mist In this month of April, Kidrobot opens new doors by offering him a mini series entitled Debiliz Of which we had a glimpse these days since the kiki you see just above was drawn from 200 copies and sold at Kidrobot Pirate Shop in NYC yesterday. No need to tell you that the crowd has grown in mass to get their hands on this strange small diablotin dripping that tapes on bamboos with bones of Casimir. A full mini-series is announced for soon and we will wait gently the official announcement to see what characters and paintings will look like. Let's hope that the quality of the pieces is up to the proDs to which MIST has used us. The other ad significantly more flamboyant (and accessible ... I mean technically speaking ... relation to the fact that it is less far that NYC ... finally if you live in France ... and then I do not To justify me anyway ... Let me otherwise I'm going to throw myself through this window) is his new Solo exhibition that will start Thursday, April 10 at our Swiss colleagues from the Speerstra Gallery (which was previously in the Marais district). Entitled Class'88, here it is the return to its first lovers of crazy, colorful and intertwined letters for a rendering that promises to be effective and petulant, in black and white or in colors as evidenced by this preview: Class'88 Exposure Class'88 by MIST from April 10 to May 3 at the SPEERSTRA GALLERY (1 chemin des cherry trees, 1183 bursins, Switzerland)

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