Molly in buzz lightning, mash-up by Kenny Wong x Pop Mart

So to celebrate the exit of Toy Story 4, in which we find new toys such as Forky, Kenny Wong and Pop mart have imagined a mash-up of the most successful between Molly and Buzz Lightning. As a reminder, Molly The Painter is a character created by Kenny Wong in 2006, including large blue eyes and childish pout are identifiable between a thousand.

With this version of Molly in Deluxe Space Ranger, the character's chara-design becomes more contemporary, paste more to the image of the toys imagined by Pixar. After all, maybe Molly secretly dreams of being like buzz? One thing is certain, the space of Space Ranger will delight him.

Available only in Asia, from July 26, Molly Deluxe Space Ranger makes you want a small trip to "Infinity and beyond". Not you ?

Appointment in rooms to see Toy Story 4, which looks awesome.

Credits: Kenny Wong / Pop Mart / Pixar

Source: Kenny Wong / Pop Mart

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