MP Gautheron Revisiting Kaws for Strangecat Toys

When we talk about MP Gautheron, the words "color", "Finesse" and "originality" come to mind. It has never been as true as with its last achievement. Imagined for Strangecat Toys, MP Gautheron attacks reinterpreter Kaws Companion. What does STRANGECAT TOYS do in this case do you say? If we believe the legend of the video "STEP BY STEP" Shared by MP Gautheron on his Instagram account, this new figurine would be intended to be exposed and sold. And what demonstration brings together artists, Kaws and Strangecat toys? the MISAPPROPRIATED ICON SHOW !

By looking closer to the clues did not miss the Instagram account of Strangecat Toys with detack of artists relaying their version of Companion. And that's the #misappropiatedicon3 who wins it. So we make the connection with the text of MP Gautheron which will present a detailed figurine. Flowers and hummingbird are at the rendezvous for Transport Companion in a world of nature and sweetness. If our intuition is good, this Kaws companion figurine by MP Gautheron will be presented next month at the Orlando Gallery Redefine at the Misapproprided Icon Show of Strangecat Toys. Names are already starting to leak: Luaiso Lopez, Dhani Barragan or Skein are already confirmed. In the meantime we leave you with the video of MP Gautheron, once again impressive.

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Credits: MP Gautheron / Kaws

Source: MP Gautheron Instagram

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