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Article: Muttpop & Delkographik: 100 years of designer toys


Muttpop & Delkographik: 100 years of designer toys

Muttpop Delko First retrospective for the company Muttpop who honors us with his presence in the humble Graphic Studio / Gallery Rennaise Delkographik which conveniently chains the coolest projects in the French West. On the occasion so the 100 years of the designer toys (huh?), The Bretons as well as the visitors of passage will have the joy of discovering all the creations of the house around the comic strip Lucha free with Tequila, Dr Destruction, El Panda and Red Demon For vinyl figurines already out of business. A good way to see all the versions of these charming sculptures. Filling Yeah, a certain number of artists have been invited to customize parts, among which you will find Ohm, Mathilde Domecq, Julien Neel, Artizarnal, Mickael Roux, Bill, Nicolas Witko, Bunka, Koa, Lucie Firoud, Lillycat, Dob {R} Man, Strom, Open_Close, Easy Hey, Madam, Joshua, XXX Prod. See you from April 19 to May 14 at Delkographik Studio, 28 Place des Lices, 35000 Rennes. The opening will take place Saturday, April 19 from 19h to 22h in the presence of many artists. And as you are friendly I managed to get, not without kneeling and implore the propriety of the organizers, a photo of one of the customs by Open_close In the rest of the message below: Red Demon Custom by Open_Close

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