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Article: MUTTPOP // SDCC 2007 Report


MUTTPOP // SDCC 2007 Report

Jerry Frissen Direct since his California not at all native the company Muttpop That we know well about us because it is simply they who design the Lucha free darling figurines of collectors. Ah yes you will say to me, well know that a few little ones News were inducted during the Comic-Con (note that Munky King had exclusive black versions of Mini Gobi and Red Demon). Among these News : Mini Kozik, you should know that Kozik has been designated to decorate each of the Muttpop outputs and make it its own version. Until now it is a faultless and we hope to see the next versions as quickly as possible. Mini Kozik P1000166.JPG P1000168.JPG P1000169.JPG

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