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Article: New Age of Bronze - Electric Monkey Man & Scary Girl


New Age of Bronze - Electric Monkey Man & Scary Girl

March-1 bronze The material of the moment in the designers? After the resets of Kozik (numerous busts) and Kawns (Accompanying and companion dissected) now is the turn of March-1 to privilege this alloy for a sublime embodiment entitled Electric Monkey Man For his next exhibition with David Chong Lee in San Fransisco. Just about simultaneously we were able to discover the images of a Scary girl Bronze (then Nathan, will come out, will not come out?) Just as bluffing with his patina effects. New Lubie? Chance of the calendar? The work in volume of artists is not limited to a single material, even if we prefer one more particularly, and some creations take a different dimension with effects worthy of the achievements of other centuries that sublimate these characters. current actual. Scary Girl Bronze For those who do not afford, you can always fold down on the Billy Bronze. More pictures of all this below. March-1 bronze sculpture March-1 bronze sculpture And for those who have forgotten it, the companion dissected in bronze: KAWS Bronze Dissected Companion

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