New! The new Sentai Maria shine in the dark ....

2020 is surprising : We had celebrated his arrival with the release of two Sentai Maria with the shimmering look, one black, the other golden. This time, our figurines Sentai Maria make again feeling with pastel tones - But not that - because They are also Glow in the Dark. Perfect continuity of our collaboration with the artist SOASIG CHAMAILLARDThese figurines are inspired by the work of the latter "Pink strength, etc" Realized in 2012. If this expression reminds you of something this is thanks to the culture of the felt, television series having broken in France at the beginning of the 90's. With their colorblock costumes and very tight, we must confess, these pop heroes rocked our childhood.

We find them this time diverting the image so sacralized from the Virgin Mary. Wanting to show the power of the image but also the pop appropriation of a religious symbol like the Virgin, the artist Soasig Chamaillard imagined this hybrid character whose references resonate in us. Pop and irreverents, our new Sentai Maria have fun of their original colors (red, green, yellow, blue and pink) in more pastel tones. Of course we wanted to ride a notch the audacity of this collaboration by making them Glow in the Dark. Besides, each color in its own phosphorescent color.Day and night you can enjoy it and give a new dimension to your collection!

Like always The edition is very limited(100 per color) So go right here to discover these new models ofSentai Maria ARGOYZ Originals X Soasig Chamaillard. And to learn more about the Artist Soasog Chamaillard, his work and our collaboration, Visit the Replay of our live on our Instagram account


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