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Article: Nice to meat you, the book to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Skinjackin'

Nice to meat you, le livre pour fêter les 10 ans du collectif Skinjackin'

Nice to meat you, the book to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Skinjackin'

Pi-rates ! But with those from Skinjackin' we want to fraternize as soon as they pose on us one of their great ephemeral tattoos. And we don't talk about a transfer tattoo but a drawing done in real time on your skin with colored pens ! Bringing together painters, illustrators, tattoo artists, graffiti artists and graphic designers, this group of dermo-pirates have been touring events for 10 years. A decade of drawings in flashy colors, quirky and original patterns, which make you want to make them permanent.

But a good skinjackin' would be nothing without a model ready to trust his pirate and this is precisely what the group put forward in Nice to meat you, his birthday book. Models tattooed on both sides highlighting the talent of the 77 artists passed by the collective since its creation, showing the creative scope of the project. An irreverent state of mind but still with humor, Skinjackin' has also realised frescoes, collective exhibitions, workshops, in an opening process that fits perfectly to this anniversary retrospective.

Nice to meat invites you to a colorful journey through 208 pages sorted by theme. To find this little treasure, nothing more simple: go to the helloasso page for pre-sale !

Credits : Skinjackin'

Source : Skinjackin'

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