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Article: Have a good holiday with Artoyz!

Passez de bonnes vacances avec Artoyz !

Have a good holiday with Artoyz!

It is not because we no longer have the great holidays once adult that one has to give up everything that was our joy during this summer period! Forget the mythical holiday notebook with French and math, we offer you the perfect remedy for relaxing:A Coloring Notebook. Young and old can meet around these few pages withdrawings of our figuresARGOYZ ORIGINALS. Among the figures you will recognizeSentai Maria, the Virgin Mary 25 cm making glory to the Japanese felt, remember our childhood. Imagined bySOASIG CHAMAILLARDand recently released inFigurine DIY, Sentai Mariais now declined inOur Summer Coloring Book. Unveiled in its latest red color,Beastie Head ofAlleyAlso part of the coloring figurines this summer ... by the pool, a beach, fresh juice in hand ...Oops we go astray! Finally not so much as it as like Beastie Head the summer will surely be filled with music and colors.

And to accompany Beastie Head, what other figurine will you find in the Summer Coloring Book?Devilo erepectus, of cours. The little devil ofMist, returns to make themselves reorocated. After yellow, blue, red, silver and black, what will be the colors of Devilo? We could ask the same question forTeddy Troops Flying Fortresswho also does not wait for your ideas to walkhis summer look. As for the figures ofStéphane LevalloisThey will be 4:Apple of love, MargeMallow, BerryandStory Killers. Yes, this summer we want regressive things. It will also be an opportunity to redo the history of Little Red Riding Hood, this time it's not the wolf who wins.

With this Summer Coloring Bookwe intend to keep in touch with you this summer, in particular via social networks thanks to the hashtag#UnEteAvecArtoyz. It will allow you to share with us your creations. To enjoy our Summer Coloring Book simplyDownload (free) The PDF * just here. Binding side, opt for the simplicity of a Parisian fastener, with a stapler, a transparent leaf binder or a pretty Japanese binding.Your turn now. We hope you'll like it ! Nice summer.

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