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Article: Pecanpals by NOFERIN


Pecanpals by NOFERIN

These charming smiling figurines, all designed wood, arrive soon with us! I warn right now, they are not made in Pecan nut, do not attempt to snare. Candy and Nick Studio NOFERIN We offer a version of their characters much more rain than the previous version where the Pecanpals were totally painted. Woodwork for these cute little with only some details or painted accessories. Some will remember Good Wood Gang's Friends with You, but they did not leave an imperishable memory with collectors. These have any other seduction potential. Perhaps it is the kawaness that emanates from these little filous that makes me say that, will know ... as they say "This opinion does not engage only me". Pecanpals have the particularity of coming from the recycling of rubber trees. Fanelli, Pandacake, Pecan, Claudius and JAC JAC Measure between 4.5 and 6.5 inches and are limited to 300 pieces each. While waiting for the Expo Wooden Aro from Steph Cop who will start in June at Artoyz, here are very beautiful creations that move us for a time of Petrolifera productions Medinchaillena that we love and whoever loves happening to me do not say what I did not say. More images after the jump

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