Small recip of the toycon uk!

As is pleased to see as many passionate for what we have in common: toys!
Not any toys of course, toys for adults, designer by great artists or amateurs and amateurs seasoned (e) s and talented (his) x!

Several brands were present such as:

1000 toysOperating since 2012, this brand tends to show the level of excellence of Japanese articulated figurines.

One could admire the figurines drawn from the anime blame!, Adaptation of the eponymous manga, during the living room.

What also does the fame of 1000 toys is its Die Cast collection, such as the Figurine in Robox Pre-Order

A robot of all beauty that folds on itself!

It was not the only robot, the famous iron giant was also presented in advance! The exit is planned for this summer!

We were not very proud of seeing the artist's customs David Stevenson on the Elements!

You could admire fire, water, earth and air of different colors all dressed leaves!

The artist Bruce Whistlecraft (A.k.a Doktor a) Given the guests, specialist in robotic creation in Victorian style rather steampunk!

Present also, the manufacturer UNBOX INDUSTRIES: Between Toys Kawaii and impressive Kajus!
As for example this fusion of the small molly on a monstrous body or this gigantic crab by the Taiwanese artist Jubiyang!

The nail of the show was also the exhibition BOO CUSTOM SHOW! Several artists responded to Angry Hedgehog Toys in order to offer customs from their stronger figurines than the others!

This is only a tiny part of what was presented during this event!

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