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Article: Leo'z Series 3 by Peugeot Design Lab X Artoyz Originals


Leo'z Series 3 by Peugeot Design Lab X Artoyz Originals

After the success met by the first series of small stylized lions, the Peugeot Design Lab and ARTOYZ Associate again to offer the Leoz's Series 3. Following The Success Enjoyed by The First Series of Leo's Artoys, The Peugeot Design Lab and ARTOYZ Have Worked Together Once More to Offer The Leo'z Series 3. Leoz-Serie-3-Group-Image Leo is a very stylized lion imagined by Christophe Pialat designer within Peugeot Design LabHe totally revisited the Lion of Peugeot by instilling the new codes of the brand. The result is resolutely modern and innovative. Léo Is a Very Stylished Lion Created By Christophe Pialat, Peugeot Design Lab designate. He Has Totally Reshaped The Famous Lion from Peugeot Pushing Forward The New Codes of the Brand. The Result is a design Really Contemporary and original. The 3 series of leo'z consists of 12 collectible designs. This collection brings together 6 designs elaborated by 6 designers of the Peugeot Design Lab - Guillaume Josson, Tof, Mathilde Rollin, Han, Cyrielle Lecher and Brice and 6 others elaborated by well-known artists from the world designer toys - Joe Ledbetter (USA), Tougui (FR), Superb (FR), Olla Boku (TW), Nathan jurevicius (Aus) and Igor Ventura (BRE). This Series Is Made of 12 Designs to Collect. THE SERIES BRINGS TOGETHER 6 Designers from Peugeot Design Lab - Guillaume Josson, Tof, Mathile Rollin, Han, Cyrielle Lecher, Brice and 6 Artists Well Known from The Designer Toy Scene - Joe Ledbetter (USA), Tougui (FR), Superux, Olla Boku (TW), Nathan Jurevicius (Aus) and Igor Ventura (BRE). Leoz-Serie-3-Triple-Igor-Ventura-Supervey-Han Leoz-Serie-3-Triple-Igor-Joe-Ledbetter-Olla-Boku-Brice Leoz-Serie-3-Triple-Mathilde-Rollin-Tougi-Cyrielle-Lecher Leoz-Serie-3-Triple-Nathan-Jurevicius-Tof-Guillaume-Josson

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