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Article: Plastic & Paper # 1 - Free Newspaper


Plastic & Paper # 1 - Free Newspaper

"These are they started in the edition at Artoyz? - Yes, I have heard that they would produce a monthly economy:" Toy's current values ​​". - Oh good? I've said It was a hebdo that was to be called "TV 7 toys" with Qee's Anatomy on the cover. " You are almost there, but not quite yet. We present the first issue of Plastic and Paper, our first free flyer / magazine around graphic culture and toys. Once unfolded, P & P is a condensed of our universe with unpublished articles and news on what touches us, animates us and fascinates us in A3 format (about 30cm x 42cm). On the front you will find a focus on a Toy or a series that makes the news (when we say "series" we always talk about figurines huh, no dexter or Big Bang theory .... I prefer to specify), a Focus on an artist, and finally an article in relation to the poster that you will find on the back. Because yes, on the back of Plastic & Paper you will discover each month an unpublished poster imagined by an artist who makes the news. For this first issue it is bunka that sticks there to present its new exhibition at Artoyz (see two Posts below). Where to find Plastic & Paper? - We will slide a copy in each of the orders placed on the site from now on. - It will be available at Artoyz Shop + Gallery as well as the Citadium. If you do not find it directly, ask for our teams. - It will be available in some places also on Paris and the list will be communicated a little later (it will probably be more widely set up as early as 2) - you will also be able to find it at some Artoyz official resellers in France and Europe. So now you know what to do, you know where to find it, take it on it's a rare commodity, claim it with your local toyshop and do not hesitate to make your comments on Plastic & Paper so that we Improved as and when.

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