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Article: PLAY TO-FU - Mini Vinyl Series 1


PLAY TO-FU - Mini Vinyl Series 1

PLAY TO-FU This week we will enjoy it to look a little what the Singaporeans concurs Play Imaginative who were especially known with their Trexi. Anxious to get away from this Platform Toy not really succeeded and convincing as the other players in the market (Be @ Rbrick, Qee, Dunny ...), Jacky Teo team works closely with a handful of Asian artists now which are not unknown to us (Touma, Ultraman, Devilrobots ...And we offer pleasant products of good overall quality, in all sizes / PLAY TO-FU In this new mini series based on the famous features of the Devilrobots, we will find 2.5 '' figurines with a to-fu head (we do not change a team that wins). A total of 12 designs (plus two secrets) divided into two categories, on the one hand the Basic that we already know for seeing them born in Kubrick, and now the category Alphabeto-Fu which offers us a series of new designs whose name begins with a letter of the alphabet. In addition to the evobob that is familiar to us, as well as the bubblegum, it is several new drawings that appear to us leaving a broad smile on our face. And for the pleasure and because we like the logo, here is again the pub-teaser of this series that will be available in June. PLAY TO-FU

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