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Article: Pokémon Let's go pikachu and Evoli on Switch!

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu et Evoli sur Switch!

Pokémon Let's go pikachu and Evoli on Switch!

Nintendo has planned a new adventure of our little Pocket Monsters adored!
This time we go to the switch! After having occupied all the summer, Nintendo will propose, as usual, two versions for twice profit pleasure! You will have the choice between Pikachu or Evoli (Eevee for the English version) for a game that will resume roughly the principle of Pokémon Go with the original game on Game Boy blue and red version!




We will also have the right to an additional accessory: a pokeball-shaped joystick allowing players to "capture" their virtual prey.


More than words, a video is out to better understand the concept! We only have to wait until next November!

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