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Article: Pop Mart X Puck Dismaire on ArtOyz!

Pop Mart x Pucky débarque sur Artoyz !

Pop Mart X Puck Dismaire on ArtOyz!

The artist Puck We feast of these drawings and figurines with comforting lines and soothing colors. A world that rhymes with magic and fantasy in which evolves this funny character, like a doll with a round face that Change appearance according to the dreams of his creator. This universe Pucky took it straight to Pop mart with whom she collaborates on several series of absolutely adorable toys. No doubt these small figurines will appeal to young and old.

With Pool Babies SeriesFor example, Pucky invites us to throw us into the big bath but never without a buoy. More cool than ever, it goes to the colors of delicious things like a donut, an ice cream or a fungus that has nothing venerable. You seized it, all this is Yummy Yummy. Besides, we find the fungus in the Forest Fairies Series of Pucky with a hat a tantinet more psychedelic. Magic, fairy and a barred hair, we discover a world where the unicorns exist, if, if. With this series find your overflowing imagination before you escape in the confines of the universe. What, we did not tell you? Space with Space Babies Series With aliens babies who are not to displease us.

Pop Mart is therefore very strong by inviting Puck by his sides rearing on regressive figurines, sweet but with a bit of madness that we love.

Space Babies Series, Forest Fairies Series and Pool Babies Series Pop Mart X Puck are available onour website !

Pool Babies Series

Forest Fairies Series

Space Babies Series

Credits: Pop Mart

Source: Pop Mart

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