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Article: Portrait #22: Bergerbot

Portrait #22: Bergerbot

Direction Denver, dans le Colorado au USA. Un collectionneur surnommé Bergerbot a accepté de nous montrer sa grande collection et de nous parler de sa passion dévorante pour les Art Toys :

Do you just collect Toys are do you also design them ?

I primarily collect Toys but I will often paint and sell them at my art shows. I have worked with all of the Munny sizes as well as the Miss Cupcake by Olive47 and I recently painted a Teddy Trooper. I usually paint in pink's and gold's and always have Sprinkles, Glitter or glow-in-the dark somewhere on the piece. You can see some of my other artwork via #Bergerbot. I use a lot of spray paint and use oil based markers and india ink pens alongside acrylic paint. I had been painting canvases for a few years before I moved into painting vinyl art Toys. I really like doing it for all of the same reasons I like collecting Toys. I want to make your mouth water when you look at my artwork. I also try to name them after fun flavors or colors.

Est-ce que tu collectionnes seulement les Art Toys ou tu les customises également ?

Je collectionne principalement les Toys, mais il m’arrive souvent d’en peindre et d’en vendre dans des expositions d'Art. Je travaille sur toutes les tailles de "Munny" ainsi que la ‘Miss Cupcake’ d’Olive47. J’ai également customisé un Teddy Trooper. Je peins généralement en rose, en or et je les saupoudre de paillettes. J’aime rajouter de la peinture néon pour que le Art toy brille dans le noir. Vous pouvez voir certaines de mes autres créations par le biais du hashtag #Bergerbot. J’utilise beaucoup la bombe de peinture et des marqueurs à base d'huile, ainsi que des stylos à encre de Chine et de la peinture acrylique. Avant de peindre sur des Art Toys, je peignais sur des toiles. J’aime vraiment faire ça, pour les mêmes raisons que je collectionne des Toys. Je veux vous mettre l’eau à la bouche lorsque vous regardez mes œuvres. J’essaie aussi de les nommer d’après des saveurs ou des couleurs amusantes.

2010-06-04 14.44.072010-06-07 12.21.34 IMG_6270 IMG_6293375575_10151710874152292_406477800_n1013146_10151959022602292_1178698707_n1209018_10151959025802292_1153882302_n

When did you started collecting art Toys?

I started collecting Designer Toys around 2006-2007. I had always been a collector of retro Toys and other collectible items but I didn't get into this magical world until a few years after the Dunny was created. I collected tons of 3-4inch blindbox Toys and then gradually began getting bigger pieces. I am a huge fan of 6inch to 18inch Toys - I don't collect a lot of the smaller Toys these days. Also, don't always collect everything from a series or even all the colorways that are offered. I really only grab what speaks to me and gives me that wow factor. In 2010 I knew I wanted to work in the field of Designer art Toys and began applying to Kidrobot once they moved to Boulder. Long story short, I ended up getting a job running all of Kidrobot's customer service, direct sales and social media. I was laid off last October when the changes started happening but I still talk to and get cheeseburgers with the crew that is still there on a regular basis. I have been trying to get back in that door since it shut but we will see what happens. I really enjoy spreading vinyl toy love and getting new people hooked. When I was working at Kidrobot, had always been my go-to place for people who were looking to buy Designer Toys in europe. The site and products have always been the best - I'm really impressed by what you all are doing. If I ever get a chance to visit France, Artoyz will definitely be on my list of places to visit and spend money inside.

When did you start collecting art Toys ?

I started collecting art Toys Around 2006-2007. I have always been a retro toy collector, but I entered this magical world a few years after the creation of " Dunny ». I collected tons of "Blindbox" toys from 7 to 10cm (3-4inch) and then gradually I started buying large parts. I am a big fan of art Toys From 15 to 45 cm - at the moment, I no longer collect small pieces because you cannot choose the figurine with the blind boxes. I really buy only what I like. In 2010, I knew I wanted to work in the world design art Toys And I started working in Kidrobot after the move to Boulder. For the record, I ended up obtaining a job in customer service, direct sales and social media. I was finally dismissed last October following a restructuring of the company, but I speak and eat cheeseburgers regularly with the team still in place. Since then, I have been trying to reopen this door that has closed ... We'll see where it takes me. I really have fun spreading my love for art Toys and make new addicts. When I worked at Kidrobot, had always been an essential place for people who want to buy luxury toys in Europe. The site and the products have always been the best - I am really impressed by what you do. If I have the chance to visit France, Artoyz will certainly be on my list of places to visit to spend my money there.

What’s the First Art toy You Bough?

The First toy I Bough was a Dunny Blind Box, Though I Don't Remember Which Series It was. I Just Thusht it was a really cool idea. I ENJOYED How 3D it was. It was like being able to sweater a painting from a canvas and turn it around to look at all it had to offer - this intrigued me. I FELT LIKE I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO HOLD A CARTON. This is also when I was first introduced to many of the artists i now call friends.

What is the first art toy that you bought?

The first toy I bought was a blind box, a Dunny, but I don't remember what series. I think it was a really cool idea. I really like the fact that he is in 3D. It was like being able to take out a painting from your canvas and turn around, to look at it from all angles - it really intrigued me. I felt that I could finally hold a drawing in my hand, a sketch. It was also when I was presented to artists who are now for most friends.

What’s Your Top 3?

I have a lot of favorite Toys But there a few that truly stand out. I have a couple of room that my my Toys Live Inside of But my Living Room Holds All of My Favorites.

#1 is "The destroyer"by Monster buff. This pink colorway is pink and dripping and Covered in Eyes. I like How Dark and cute it is all at the same time. The Little Guy Popping Out the Back of the Head is Wonderful. I Really Enjoy Unique Sculpts where the artist Went the Extra Step to Create Something Special That Stands Out. The Antlers on this toy Are my favorite. They are huge and have lifelike ridges. I like Toys With Antler a lot - Jeff Soto's Seeker Toys Are Another Favorite of Mine With Antlers.

What is your top 3?

I have a lot of favorite toys but there are some that are really distinguished. I have two bedrooms in which my toys live, but my favorites are installed in my living room.

In n ° 1 "The Destroyer - Eyes Edition" by Monster buff. This pink color is pink dripping and covered with eyes. I like its dark and cute appearance. The small verse that jumps at the back of the head is wonderful. I really appreciate this unique sculpture where the artist went further to create something special that stands out. The woods on this toy are my favorites. They are huge and have very realistic details. I really like toys with deer woods - art toy « Seeker " of Jeff Soto is another favorite because it also has wood.

IMG_9853 IMG_9854

My #2 Favorite toy is a Kidrobot Black Piece Called "The Goddess"by Doze Green. This is a toy that you eith love or hate. I happen to love How Huge and Awkward it is. The Lines and Shapes Are Strange and Beautiful To Me and It Reminds Me Of Some Scifi Creature from the Film The Fifth Element. There are a lot of matte and glossy features on this toy and i can't help but love it. Doze Green Always Paints the Coolest Stuff and this toy Is Nothing Short of Cool.

My favorite toy n ° 2 is a piece of black kidrobot called "The Goddess" by Doze Green. It's a toy Whether you love it or hate. I managed to love him for his huge and clumsy side. The lines and forms are beautiful and strange for me and it reminds me of a science fiction creature of the film "The fifth element". There is a lot of mat and brilliant on this toy and I can only love it. Doze Green always paints the coolest stuff, just like this toy.


My #3 toy is a tossup between "Viaindardes"by Kidrobot and Mcbess and "The Monster" editing Muckey Bear by Instinctoy and Medicom. The McBess Piece Won Best toy In Last Year's Designer toy Awards and you can see why. It is sexy, clever, fun, crass and retro look. It's a toy That looks good on shelf, no matter the angle. The Purple Muckey Bear has Glow in the Dark Claws and Teeth and I Love How Dark and Cute It is. The Head is Cleverly Designed to Spin and Wobble, Showing You The Giant Human Crushing Teeth Beneath. Hiroto Ohkubo at Instinctoys is always coming up with really neat sculpts and colorways. I can't get enough of what they do.

My n ° 3 will be played between "Viaindardes" by Kidrobot And Mcbess And "The Monster", editing Muckey Bear by Instinctoy And Medicom. The McBess won the price for the best Designer of Toys Last year and you can see why. He is sexy, intelligent, fun, with a retro air. It's a toy which is sublime on a shelf, regardless of the angle. Muckey Bear Violet has a mouth and claws that shine in the dark. I like its dark and cute appearance. The head is intelligently designed to turn and stir, showing its big teeth below. Hiroto Ohkubo in Instinctoys has always come with really nice and colorful sculptures. I always want to see what they are doing.

10291104_10152811083832292_3594471919804165619_n 10703574_10152811084237292_3932152700200007761_n IMG_9860 IMG_9868

I have a really fun house called "The Imagination Station"And it's a bit of a museum. I Have Gems and Minerals, items from the 40's through the 90's and there is Always Something New To Look at. The World I Live in Is Fun and People Like to Come Over to Feel Creative and Inspired . Dusting can be a bit of a nightmare but it's Worth it. You can see more of my collection on instagram under. #BergerbotCollection Now Even the Imagination Station Geotag.

I have a really cool house called " The Imagination Station ", He's a bit like a museum. There are stones and minerals, items going from the 1940s to the 90s, and there is always something new to watch. The world in which I live is fun and the people I meet there make me creative and inspire me. Dust can become a nightmare but it's worth it. You can see more of my collection on Instagram with the hashtag #BergerbotCollection Or in geotaggant "The Imagination Station".

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