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Article: Portrait #23: FNUK

Portrait #23: FNUK

We meet today with a new portrait, that of FNUK! tumblr_o3u1yxbgl91qz9kzio1_500 1/ When did you start collecting Toyz art? I remember starting to buy toys about ten years ago I would say, little things, nothing coherent, some bearbricks, some kubricks, I surely bought trexis at a time ha ha. What really put me in it was the series of MIST Debilz with Kidrobot. I was (and I am still) a big fan of Mist, the penalty and bonass who released a few years ago had put me a big big slap ... From there, everything has accelerated, desire to complete the series, learning all the "toyesque" language (chase, blind box, etc ...) and above all want to know a little what is done in the middle , the history of the movement all that. Discovery of the Alteroys forum too, where I spent looooooongues hours (even days) and has a lot of meetings. image4Image6 2 1/ When Did You Started Collecting Art toys? I Remember Starting to Buy toys Ten Years AGO, Small Things, Nothing Really Coherent, Some Bearbricks, Few Kubricks, I probably busht trexis at some point ha ha. What Really Put me Into toys was the Debilz of Mist with Kidrobot. I was (and i'm still are) a big fan of misst, the malis and bonas that cam out few years earlier blew me away !! From there, Everything Went Fast, I Wanted to complete My Serie, To Learn The Language '' Toyesque '' (Chase, Blind Box ...) and Mostly to Know What Was Happening in this Environment, the History of the toy movement. I Discovered the Alteroys Forum, where I Spent Looooong Hours (Even Days) and put a lot of people. Image4 2 image2 2/ What is the first art toy that you bought? So there ... no idea! I surely think a bearbrick or Kubrick, it was too long ago; p image3 2/ What’s the First Art toy You Bough? No IDEA! Probably a bearbrick Now in Kubrick, it was long time ago; p image2 image3 3/ What is your top 3? 1 - Kaws Companion 5 Years Later (the prices are stupid but this toy is magic) $_1 2 - Michael Lau Fingcroxx X X -Large x Maharishi 5611106240_DC182F768D_M 3 - Michael Lau's SFCCs, I would never get tired! Michaellau-SFCC 3/ What’s Your Top 3? 1- Kaws Companion 5 Years Later (Too Expensive But this toy is unbelievable) 2 - Michael Lau Fingcroxx X X -Large x Maharishi 3 - SFCC by Michael LAU, i'll never get tired of it! Find FNUK on his Instagram, Son tumblr And His twitter ! If you too want to be part of our interviews, write to me at this address: You can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook And on Instagram :)

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