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Article: Portrait #24: Kikaiju

Portrait #24: Kikaiju

New week, new portrait: leny aka kikaiju New Week, New Portrait: Leny Aka Kikaiju 131277DSC0008808822DSC0003141729DSC0019 1/ When did you start collecting art toys ? I think I started collecting in 2005. 1/ When Did You Started Collecting Art toys? I think that i startd collecting toys In 2005. 772402Image23 2/ What is the first art toy that you bought? My first toy was a Teddy Troop by Flying Fortress. 2/ What was the first art toy You Bough? My First toy was a teddy troop by flying fortress. teddytroop 3/ How did you come to collect the Kaijus? I fell without the Sofubi thanks to the friends. More seriously, it is for the quality of Japanese vinyl, its paintings and very limited runs. 3/ How Did You Start To Collect the Kaijus in Sofubi? I Fall Into Sofubi because my Friends. More Seriously I Fall Into it for the Quality of the Japanese Vinyl, the Paintings and the Limited Runs. 243882DSC0014 4/ What is your Grail of the moment? My Grail of the moment is the Evil Shit by HXS! 4/ What's your grail right now? My Grail of the moment is the evil shit by hxs! 5/ How do you get your parts? By collecting the Mongolion, I have become over time friend with its creator Lamour Supreme. Since then, I always have the painted and not painted version of the last Mongolion a little before its release and at the Retail price! It helps a lot because some are less than 5 copies see 2 for some testshots. ^^ So for the rarest pieces I put my hand on it because I have been this environment for almost 10 years and I am close to the designers that I like suddenly it facilitates. 5/ How do you get your pieces? By collecting the Mongolions, I Became Friend with the designer Supreme Lamour. Since then i always get the pained and unpained versions of Every new Mongolion, just before the release and with the Regular Price! It helps a lot because some are limited to 5 or even 2 for fe t testshots ^^ So for the rarest Pieces, I can GRAB THEM BECAUS I FOLLOW that scene since 10 YEARS AND I SUCCEEDED IN GETTING Close to my favorite designers. 396650image176 6/ What is your top 3? - Rebel Ink by Secret Base according to the Usugrow artist 756395104216219999763900222391655078507699194518n - Mongolion by Super 7 according to the artist Lamour Supreme Mongol11 - Ojo Rojo by Gargamel according to the artist Martin Ontivieros IMG_1583 Find Kikaiju on his Instagram And his Facebook ! You can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook And on Instagram :)

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