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Article: Portrait # 7: Stela


Portrait # 7: Stela

We are Friday, December 26, the whole Artoyz team hopes that you have been very spoiled and have had a good time. Christmas has passed, we are back with a new article. Stela shows us his superb collection:

When did you start collecting Artoyz?

A little after 2004 !! In fact I remember very well the first time I saw an "Artoyz", but then the day when everything started .... For the little story: 10 years ago, in Montpellier, at the time it was the crew graffiti the club (or the True Skool with Alex and Vania) who painted a large wall for the botty and parallel these artists have exhibited canvases, photos, .... And a distributor of mini toys in capsule, Gashapons !! The craziest: It was minis fafinelettes. We invented a machine that narrows the drawings to make toys ??

Hey no I did not cracked this time !! I wanted them all I could not settle for one !! Especially I thought I would come back ... after ... when the expo ended. Since then, I have the set! That's it, it's a year after everything started either in 2005 with ....


What is the first Artoyz you bought?

A C.I Boys All Kawaii Snoopy who was quickly accompanied by the series with Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Garfield, Miffy, ... and Mickey. A little "schizophrenic" with two personalities, I have two collectible style a very kawaii and the second more Street where we find a lot of graffitiors if it is only that: Mist, Tilt, Revolt, Futura, Krink ... .


At the same time, I find it crazy: having spent my adolescence in Toulouse I puff from the flop to the point that with my comrades tried to redo him on our notebooks. Now there are Artoys he has designated and broadcast around the world ....


What is your top 3?

Oulalah my top 3 ... .Difficult to choose !! Of course I have two top three among my little Collocs, the most "cute" with the Collaboration Hello Kitty X Convex, the C.I series. Boys Crazy Cuties and the Dunny Maneki Neko by Mr. Shane Jessup (or the Dunny Gingerman by Kronk) and the most "Street": Erotica de Mark Vaughn Bode of the first series, the mailbox Krink (actually a box;) And the little Jean -yves of the Debilz series by Mist. Even though I love them all, they are part of my life, they are on my desk, living room, bathroom, my kitchen .... And they help me even for my candy blog !!



But I still have a supreme wishlist and more is soon my birthday .... Then first the KAWS dissected companion 5yl in brown, followed by the Hello Kitty Anatomy by Dr. Romelli (the two versions) and to finish the Cheech Wizard in original color by Mark Vaughn Bode.


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