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Article: Project After Dark + Lion Heart

Project After Dark + Lion Heart

We know him ultra productive, Michael Lau is the undisputed genius of this scene and it is also the only one that can surprise us again and again with original and innovative projects. This month of December, two new projects toys will see the light of day. On the one hand the crossover with the jeweler Lion heart. On this occasion, 3 figures Kizuna released on Saturday December 2 (red, black, white). Each of these figurines radically differently different from the other projects of Mr. Lau (apart from an indisputable know -how and several plastics and varnishes used for design) is sold with a jewel. The black with a bracelet, the red with a pendant and the white with a ring. Black Figure + Brace, Red Figure + During, White Figure + Ring (2 set). A little rarity (one more?) Project after dark Project after dark Project after dark Project after dark Project after dark Project after dark On the other hand the project Michael After Dark Or Project after dark. We had been able to even teasers in the guardbook released this year with mysterious illustrations in black and white and the title 3300 Referring to the television series The 4400. We do not yet know everything about this new event which will take place on December 16 and 17 at the Michael gallery, but the new illustrations that we could see suggest that new guard will be offered (Womax? Future? Creature?). Let's wait a few more days to be fixed definitively, but once again appreciate these pretty illustrations from Michael Lau. Project after dark Project after dark Project after dark Project after dark

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