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Article: Qee Hong Kong Artists Serie 1

Qee Hong Kong Artists Serie 1

A new series of mini-figurins by TOY2R, it's been a long time! The pace imposed by Kidrobot is difficult to follow and we were surprised not to see more mini series from Toy2R, but as we say "patience is a mother of security". We also say "everything comes in time to who knows how to wait". But again "the longer it is the more good". In short, we will stop the proverbs that drift everyone to focus on the HK series which includes designs of Hong Kong creators whose list here is: Alex Lau, Alice Chan, Danny Chan, Husky Papa, Joe Lo, Kylie Kiu, Micky Chu, Pal Wong, Paul Wong, Paul Leung, Timtsui, Rcwork, Ultraman, Raymond Choy, Brothersfree - Kenny Wong, Winson Ma & William Tsang. Most of the designs were released by unit but in color variants; This series will be sold in Blind Box and will be available in October at Artoyz and resellers. Qee Hong Kong Artists Serie 1 Qee Hong Kong Artists Serie 1

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