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Article: Quasimoto by Kidrobot


Quasimoto by Kidrobot

Lord Quas Aka Quasimoto Aka Madlib when he takes mushrooms and starts pitcher his voice, one of the most "abstracts" hip-hop projects that the abstract hip-hop was able to hatch during his best time (roughly modo between 99 and 2002 ) A totally worship album "The Unseen" Then a second step either should not mess up "The further adventures of lord quas" In 2005 made the alter ego of Madlib an icon, widely conveyed through this character-shaped character with the cig in the beak that you see above in jack with a charming female silhouette. But despite all this is not Kozik who will take care of the vinyl adaptation of this character, since Kidrobot does not care very well with the Agreement of Stones Throw obviously. Two years after the figurine of MadvillainThis project will arrive when it wants in two colors (yellow and blue obviously) and no doubt the mythical red brick. We proudly proud and his mother is promptly.

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