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Article: Who's NagNagNag ?

Qui se cache derrière NagNagNag ?!

Who's NagNagNag ?

First a small update on the artist, according to the website On August 15, 2008, Arai started producing the soft vinyl doll "Boryoku Genjin", with the name "NAGNAGNAG" .

After "Boryoku Genjin", he produced other soft vinyl dolls such as "NAGBALL" and "NZOMBIE."

Among his works, many wear costumes and hair handmade.In November 2008, Arai received an offer of the New York-based MISHKA fashion brand, resulting in a collaboration in both art and packaging for the "Boryoku Genjin" outings.In December of the same year, Arai began collaborating with COOP, which has produced illustrations for packaging and promotional items. In 2009, Arai produced two stop-motion shorts on "Boryoku Genjin". Since 2010, Arai participates every year in the New York Comic Con. the "NAGBALL" he published in 2013 was published in the New York Times.Arai has also collaborated with many artists, such as Pushead, Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson, Hi-standard and Johnny Ryan.

What interest today is especially his collaboration with Medicom Toy on the realization of the Bearbricks.

For the most chemists of you, this model has been designed by transfer in aqueous medium, a technique that makes each piece unique! The first time Medicom Toy used this technique was for the Jackson Pollock Bearbrick.

Limited to 333 copies only, a first for the brand, we are truly in front of a very collector's item!

Top of 72cm, the bearbricks of Medicom Toy are unique items that are not reissued.

For pre-orders it's there!

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