Quiccs will collaborate with a large streetwear sign!

It is on his Instagram account that the artist Quiccs announced the super news: His partnership with Adidas ! It is well known that the bridge between the world of art toys and fashion is just consolidating but this collaboration promises to push things even further. Why do we say that? Surely because of the many photos unveiled by Quiccs with his character fetish Teq, completely scratched adidas, or the logo of the brand associated with the signature of quiccs.

Promising? More than that ! As the artist emphasizes himself the dream becomes reality and for good reason: Adidas is known for its high-flying collaborations including Hebru Brantley, world recognized artist. Quiccs therefore seems in good hands to give free rein to his imagination. A Teq Figurine Rather Hypebeast? Clothes to motifs from the work of Quiccs? Sneakers? The questions burn us lips ... A little patience, this collaborationQUICCS X Adidas Should make noise very soon.

Credits: Quiccs / Adidas

Source: Quiccs Instagram

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