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Article: Designer Con 2017 Recap !

Recap de la Designer Con 2017!

Designer Con 2017 Recap !

The Designer Con is an annual convention of Art and Design that combines collectible toys, customs, stuffed animals, designer clothes and much more with Urban Art, Underground and Pop.

If you're looking for exclusive pieces, the Designer Con is the place to be.

Among the prestigious guests we no longer present, we had Frank Kozik, Paul Frank, Tara McPherson not to mention Gary Baseman to name a few.

We could also find creators like Johnny Cupcakes and artists well known to the amateurs of Toys like Kidrobot who presented a unique color for his Shard Kryptonite Dunny by Scott Tolleson, obviously the gentleman likes the green: we propose his King Howie on the site!

There were also such adorable creatures as Artists Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd.

Beyond all this, we also found a multitude of cute and and Kaijus of all kinds, our great passions!
Among others Dolly Oblong has passed the Convention, well accompanied!

We can not make an exhaustive list of all the Wonders presented at the convention, that's why I advise you to take a look at blogs like The Toy ChronicleToysREvil and The Blot Says that abound. information on the subject!
We end with a little promo video of Designer Con!

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