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Article: Homemade & Objet 2016 Salon Recap


Homemade & Objet 2016 Salon Recap

From September 2nd to 6th, the living room house and object at the Villepinte Exhibition Center, a lounge reserved for professionals dedicated to the art of living, decoration, design. From 2 to 6 September Too Place On House and Item in Villepinte Exhibition Center, Lounge Reserved for Professionals dedicated to The Art of Living, Decorating, Design. The Artoyz team was fortunate to have a stand and we could offer you, in preview, future productions such as the Leo'z series, following the Candy Toxic with Berry and Apple D 'Love as well as the different models of Story Killer: Little Red Riding Hood by Stéphane Levallois, Teddy Troops 2.0 by Flying Fortress and the latest MIST creation. Artoyz's Team Could Offer You, In Preview, Future Productions Such As 3 Leo'z Series, The Toxic Candies With Berry and Love Apple and The Different Models Killer Story: Little Red Riding Hood by Stephane Levallois, The Teddy Troops 2.0 by Flying Fortress and The Latest Creation of Mist. 14287539_10154449467557114_447094519_n 14171997_10154449468177114_683352989_n14256535_10154449467912114_1551575863_n 14269559_10154449467862114_1373362885_n14269601_10154449467752114_224837297_n 14287690_10154449467132114_1597804975_n14287617_10154449467397114_1870444752_n We also presented you the novelties of Herocross (from Disney through Star Wars, Transformers, League Justice, Alien, Predator ...) and also The Loyal Subjects products such as the GI Joe, Power Rangers series And exclusively the masters of the universe! We Also Showed You The New Features Herocross (Disney Through Star Wars, Transformers, Justice League, Alien, Predator ...) and Also The Loyal Subjects of Products Such As The Gi Joe Series, Power Rangers Exclusive and The Masters of the Universe ! 14199435_10154081103144011_7057605788055304220_n We can not wait to introduce you all that. In the meantime we meet at the Paris comiccon !!! We can't wait to introduce you all that. Meanwhile WE Give Appointment To Paris Comiccon !!!

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