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Article: Maywa Denki concert/performance summary.


Maywa Denki concert/performance summary.

Maywa Denki is a singular concept in the world of show and definitely extraordinary. Their scenic performance, which we were able to discover at the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris, has no equivalent in the West. Indeed, Maywa Denki is a collective of musicians/creators/mechanics/product demonstrators (scratch the unnecessary mention). In a few words, Maywa Denki was originally a Japanese company under subcontracting of insulating products for large Brands such as Toshiba and Matsushita Electric. 15 years after the closure of the SME, the two sons (Nobishishi and Masamichi) of President Sakaichi Tosa of Maywa Denki decide to take over the torch as well as the name "Maywa Denki" to create an artistic company. Now alone at the orders of the "company", Nobishishi is therefore the charismatic leader in this training/business. Maywa Denki at present is a collective involved in an incredible number of areas. These young people are, during their scenic performances, all dressed according to the tradition of the company of the time, namely in blue tunic. The training is completely singular, punished their musical instruments are almost all machines. Music made on machines, in the west nothing new, you tell me, but imagine that there is no question of samplers, samples or laptop. Their "musical instruments", manufactured by their care, are in fact mechanical, eccentric machines, but above all of incredible sources of sounds. They managed to create percussion, wind, string instruments from any pieces, and even a singer robot perfectly synthesizing the modulations of a vocal cord. Among their creations, we can distinguish three categories of products (which was presented to us that day): Naki series-absurd machines on the theme of fish, tsubaka series-original musical instruments, and the edelweiss series, objects of art inspired by flowers. The concert they have given, or rather the "demonstration of products" consists of pop songs, not necessarily all very inspired, but the interest of this performance lies in the discovery of the sounds that each of the bizarre machines that can be produced that litter the scene on all sides. Imagine Kraftwerk who would have watched Dr. Slump too much and you will have a better idea what Maywa Denki represents on stage. In addition to an xylophone in fish areas, a pair of remote -controlled shoes to make tapping, a carp -shaped glass harp, saxophone -mounted horns, an electric battery resembling it to an electric clock, or a Ventriloquist doll used as a pistol, the imagination of Maywa Denki seems limitless. Nobishishi and its employees (particularly gifted in their role as model workers and therefore perpetually drawing the mouth) present and then demonstrate each of the instruments; Among the "real" musicians note the one who really plays a melodica connected to a bulbs board (each note is symbolized by a light), and the bassist who plays on an incredible bass fitted with a single rope. Maywa Denki is a bit like Boys garbage cans but engineers in robotics as in competitions on E = M6. Their instruments are really crazy, they are particularly lit, and it is not the two employees/roads/dancers who will make the opposite think. In a fairly convincing French, Nobumishi alternates jokes and songs, but he also invites spectators to discover multiple derivative products, therefore the musical toys of the "Knockman family" (to discover on Artoyz) but also the famous bitman, an improbable cross between A tamagoshi and a virtual dancer robot. We were therefore able to discover for more than an hour and a half this cult training in Japan whose stage games, both very military and very monty pythonesque, perfectly accompany the 4 robotic folk guitars which are on the upper floor of the scene. A very impressive and really disgusted show!

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