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Article: Rollin Stock by Kid Acne


Rollin Stock by Kid Acne

It is far the time when Kid Acne delivered great pockets for the TTC group and their first outings on Big Dada (EP Element, Leguman, EP dancing and also the pocket of This is not a disk their first album ...). Since then, English has taken care to develop its style, multiplying textile collaborations (Sixpack, Fenchurch), without ever giving off his musical career that he still has today at the rate of an album a year (at home INVISIBLE SPIES and Lex Records especially). Some of his sublime frescoes are still visible today in the old London if you like to lose in search of urban art. In short, a total, totally talented artist, whose very sweet graphic style will be retained, cute without being debilitating, tending like the many women he draws, and, like talented people, recognizable immediately. Whereas Kidrobot Recentre the debate with a lot of really interesting productions to come in the coming months (Believe Me), they have seen just by offering Kid Acne his first mini-series entitled Rollin 'stock. This is composed of 12 characters (+ rare) that cling to the queue-leu as they are all enwed. A cute bestiary also taking the symbolic universe that he declined for his new expo "Smoke and Mirrors" at Stella Dore this month. Kid Acne. Smoke and Mirrors Show at Stella Dore Gallery. from Neil Chester we Vimeo. This series will be available in May at Artoyz.

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