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Article: Run777 is not a mutafukaz


Run777 is not a mutafukaz

Certainly Run777 is not a toydesigner in the own sense, but apart from the fact that one of his characters has already been produced in QEE, Run is an incredible draftsman with a unique universe and a current style. His mutafuckaz project will necessarily be the comics of the new millennium when it will come out. While waiting for a firm foot to see him disembark one day in bookstore, we exchanged a few words with the Lille, Consult of Rolito, Dany Boy, Yuck, 123KLAN and supergiver. ACTION Run777 Can you introduce yourself to the public: age, courses, current activity (s), expos. My name is Run, I have just been 29 years old. I have the fine arts, I have a DNAP (National Diploma of Plastic Art) and a DNAT (Art and Technology) You participated in Teamchman adventure a few years ago, like Rolito, what a look do you have on that time? I knew Rolito well before Teamchman, and it's true that it was funny to meet there together. Teamchman was the carefree day, the debut of the Flash, external people person at the time did not really understand what job was. Internet at the time it was still brand new, the gold rush. I'm glad I met talented people like Tony, Yan, Yuck, Dany, Kant1, Super2 and Scien. We are always in touch. Do you regret that Teamchman no longer exists? No, you have to know how to turn the page. Teamchman was really a unique, funny, rewarding experience, but voila. It was a holiday colony atmosphere ... with all that it lets imagine (except meat the girls in the showers) Now you are part of Semper-fi, can you explain a little in what's it, the birth of this crew, the members, your projects etc? All Crew members left Teamchman for severe different arts with the new direction, and naturally we gathered together, to do what we always wanted to do, and stay loyal to our principles, hence the name, 'Semper Fi'. (Semper Fidelis: Always faithful) It is also the main motto of the Marines, so beware :) The crew consists of a 3D modeling moderator of 4 graphic designers and: Yan + Dany / Rolito / Tony and I are a collective Independent, we happen to bosse alone on a project or several ... In the case of Mutafukaz I am all alone for now, but it has not always been like that (see the pilot). Semperfi It's a bit our QG concept. Can you tell us a little more about this longstanding project that is Mutafukaz? Mutafukaz it means Motherfuckers in Mexican slang of Los Angeles. This is a word in the plural. Contrary to what we can imagine, mutafukaz it is not the name of the main character, called Angelino. Mutafukaz It's these two bastards of Angelino + Burning Head! At first it was a small black BD and white improved. Then I met Yan and Tutti quanti, and together we thought we could adapt that in Anim '... this short film (which is rather a trailer in fact) has opened a few doors and allowed The universe to make themselves known a little. Today about Mutafukaz I have the goal of creating a comic, while keeping an eye in parallel on potential audio visual plans. How did you work on this series and with whom? While we were still Teamchman we brought about the pilot of what owed / should? to be a feature film. I formed a small team of 5 people: Yan Lead 3D + Joelle and Gilou (the crazy tattooed :) and Yuck and I even for 2D. We had 5 months to make this driver, not a day more. This delay had to understand: the storyboard, the modeling / bouncing of the characters, the design of the appart, etc, etc ... It was a little challenge, there are a lot of things that I would like to redo now but overall I'm pretty happy with the result. Once finished Texas direction or we presented it in Siggraf in San Antonio. Since this pilot has been around the world of festivals, and has been nominated at the 2003 Sundance Festival, Grand Mass of American and International Independent Cinema, chaired by Robert Redford in person! YES !!! Today again it always turns in some obscure rooms, in animated festivals or short films ... When and how did you come the idea of ​​Mutafukaz? It was during Halloween 1998 that came to me the idea of ​​the main character. At the time I had been parachuted with the fine arts of Nancy in full months of October and I got a great incorrect (disintegrated even;) I stayed in my room rather than going to class, and we had to find something things to do:) I remember that there was an article on Halloween in 'L'Est Republican' with a photo of two disguised kids; One in vampire and the other in diablotin ... That's how I came to the idea of ​​the duo of Mutafukaz. The first version of the comic was a small BD in black and white improvised day after day, and the story and the universe structured over time. The little street boy at the black head took the scope and the universe is full of original characters who interact with each other. What are your inspirations for this project? All I was able to accumulate as TV series, Z Series and other Junk Movie during the last 10 years. In other words, it's vast, because I have a fascination for bad taste in general. At home the TV is constantly lit and in my room there is a bunker of old K7 video, including nullity pearls ... The main frame of Mutafukaz is the same as that of wholesale invaders. As David Vincent in his time, Angelino and Burning Head know that invaders are among us. Until there nothing original, it is on but the most comes mainly from the universe, the improbable mix between different Old School influences (in the SF in particular) and contemporary (like hip hop or wrestling) Will Mutafukaz be published in COMICS / BD one day? I work there for 5 months !!! It should be fine. But I discover the universe of the edition step by step and it is less open than I had imagined. Same for the lively version, do you think this project will be a real episode series one day? My goal for the moment is to put the universe and the whole scenario through a comic, which avoids me all kinds of compromise and of hassle related to the production of a feature film for example ... I am the only master on board, I can develop the script 'as good seems to me without having to find absolutely a happy-end or I do not know what. Then everything is possible. There are some tracks for a possible long, but all that takes time, a lot of time. What is your working method, are you a loyal paper / sketchbook or do you work directly on computer for all your creations? The paper!!! Nothing replaces the sketch taken on the spot! I have tons of sketch books that pip! The photo too it helps me, especially for all that is urban atmosphere. We see you a lot right now illustrating articles for a male magazine, do you find the time to develop personal projects or are you overturning by orders? Max is a fairly regular customer, it's true, they were the first to contact me while my site was only one of the first stammers. I am grateful for the confidence they have given me at the time. In fact, it's been 5 years since I put illustration in this mag, it's not all new. They are very cool there! I still spend the majority of my time developing my personal projects, or collective projects. To what extent did you participate in the toys designated by Semper-Fi (the team you are falling on)? Toy's first design was Santokatze in 2002, a chat mee. Since I did some others, the visible dog (tribute to the visible anatomical toy of the 1960s), the Mutafukaz (for the official launch of the site and recently the doggy-doggy (small n wink of Eye at Snoop-Dogg with whom I will soon record a title:) AHAH) Your first toys under the name Run777 have landed with first the mea mutafukaz and just like Rolito, you seem close to TOY2R. Can you explain how the connection was made with this Hong Kong company? Before Mutafukaz there was the Santokatze and the Visible Dog! The connection with TOY2R was done thanks to Rolito. It's an incredible meeting between a Rolito in recognition at HK and a Raymond Seller in a toyshop who wanted to launch his own line of Toys. An alchemy and it's gone. Faithful to the currency of Crew, Rolito made us enjoy the fruits of this meeting. Do you want to develop your own range of toys (like Rolito and its Rolitoboy) or do you satisfy you for the moment of customization of Toys "generic" forms like QEE? I do not enter the toy race. If I did QEE it's because the opportunity to do it came to me. I do not try to make a Toy at any end any strength. If the opportunity arises why not, but of course in a global approach. To make a toy to make a toy it does not interest me, I think it's a sterile approach .... Before I have stories to tell. Is a range of Toys Mutafukaz under study (including the two main characters Mutafukaz and Burning Head)? I imagine it will be the step behind the comic. I do not want to place the plow before oxen. I have always had a nature to disperse myself, I'm now trying to focus on each step without inflamming myself in every corner. Can you tell us about your Alphonso Qee 8 Inch project that should happen shortly shortly? When Raymond came to London in April 2004 for the Toy2R World Tour, I brought him a custom-made qee 8inch by hand, it gave him and he decided to do it in series ... I really like the Mafieux / Homie universe, and I intended to make a cute bad boy who adapted to the support of the virgin. Little by little I got to make an Bad Boy Old School, fashionable from the 30s, all levels of gray as out of an old cartoon. You seem to draw your inspiration in the American cartoons between two wars (studios Columbia, Winkler Pictures, Terrytoons Cartoons etc.) Can you tell us more about this universe and what do you like in this style? It concerns especially Alphonzo. Otherwise I like this side older, I think it has a crazy charm, but it does not inspire me more than that. On the margins of design, the most interesting thing about these cartoons is that some were real propaganda tools. It's delirious! What is your oldest toy memory? When I had a year I started collecting Star Wars figurines, I'm the 1st of the world to have collected that, I have a certificate signed by Lucas's hand! AHAH :) !!! Not seriously when I was little my parents did not have a thum, so I cut into a catalog the toys that I liked, I threw them on cardboard and I played with that. Freestyle, so I had everything I wanted! That's my first memories, with a turtle Fisher Price. Are you a toy addict? Yes and no. Are you a pure collector and hard? The same, difficult to define. I accumulate a lot of toys, and objects of all kinds elsewhere. The majority of Toys I have been in the flea markets. I have cottons of wrestlers of all kinds and gi Joe 3'3 / 4, my favorite is 'snake eye' and 'burnt head'! Ahah :) I particularly like the toys badly fuck, a little ugly, they are the ones for whom I have the most tenderness. I am not a customer adult toys as they call them today (I thought it was a specific term for dildos etc ...) I find it super expensive and not bad seem smooth and soulless. There is an elistist grip that places on the Toys in France who exasperates me. To see in the vernissages it becomes absurd. Need that there is fun as would the FF, Ahah :) When did you take the desire to do toys and why? Since I'm small I dream of doing toys. But like all kids I think. I did it in my way of elsewhere, with a catalog, cardboard and a pair of scissors :) I would like to have a Toy line once the Mutafukaz comics is over. But I remain convinced that the toy is not an end in itself. What are your goals and projects for the coming months? BD Mutafukaz, a secret project with Rolito, a mini lively series project and my title with SNOOP Dogg !!! With which toydesigner (s) would you like to collaborate? Michael Lau. ToyDesigner (s) favorite? Michael Lau, Don Levine. Favorite draftsman (s)? Norman Rockwell, Kirby, Adams, Simon Bisley, Mike Mignola, Stan, Yuck (often imitated, never equaled) Favorite artist (s)? Liz Mc Grath, Biskup, Baseman. Preferred grave guard (s)? Dany, scient. Which artist would you dream to see a toydesigner? Liz Mc Grath, Stan ... SCESETS OF HOPPER TABLES, GENING NIGHTHAWKS, it would have been good ... A resumption of the monsterism by Jerôme Bosh it would have been cool too, but good. Favorite website? Google Animated drawing (s) / animated film / favorite cartoons? Totoro, the Shin-Shan series in VO. The Moomins it's really funny, they are so old that it becomes hilarious! :) BDS / Manga / favorite comics? Akira is a masterpiece of narration! I like BeuaCoup the work of Stan and Vince Favorite film (s)? The Goodfellas, Casino, Donnie Darko marked me a lot ... In the old stuff y'a forbidden planet, the black fly, the man who shrinks, the saga of the Santo and the Serie 'the 4th dimension' ... The Hammer Films, it's good too! Preferred brands? Coca Cola!!! Com8 This is good for the Baggies, and dim it's good for the underpants. Otherwise for adidas pumps, for StreetLowrider bikes, the rest I swing! By the way I sell a mini Austin! Preferred store? Carrefour / EURLILLE. City / Preferred Location? Las Vegas! Tokyo Super Music / Favorite Discs of the moment? TTC bastards sensitive, otherwise the classics, Cypress, Snoop Dogg and all the West Coast. I have often bandit radio that turns in sound background while I bump. Last question: what do you think of Panda-Z? There is 'Ratzinger Z' who has just come out, you're getting the guy stuffed :) Bonus question: And now that we liberate you, what are you going to do? I think I'll go to the Flunch, there the vegetables are at will! Run777 Run777 Run777

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