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Article: SDCC 2006 Report / 1st


SDCC 2006 Report / 1st

All means are good for escaping the stifling heat of the heat wave: fans, air conditioning, icy creams, cold showers, hibernate in a fridge ... Admittedly we did not see what happened in the 36 previous editions, but as we are told that each new session is even better than the previous one, as much to take the train on the march. Hop 3 p.m. by plane via Texas to get locking in the incredible San Diego Convention Center a stone's throw from the bay, and ultimately not too far from our hotel. This show extends over several floors, the heart is the exhibit hall which must be 400m long by 100m wide (according to my completely approximate calculations). In this gigantic hall, an incalculable number of stands, from the very small fanzine publisher to large franchises such as DC comics or hasbro. Not only is it the meeting of the creators of figurines, but also that of the comics publishers of the aging superhero to underground publications, passing by the fans of Star Wars, the dealers of baseball cards, the sellers From strictly Asian DVD, the stands of Nintendo or Sony, the playmates on the return (Sisi), the Sweat Gothic, the budding designers or the old backpackers, the Youtube school directors, the dedications in all possible sense, old TV glories (hulk!), Monster sculptors, anime projections all day, conferences, disguise competitions ... The list is long ... like the tail to meet the one who makes the voice of Spongebob. With incredible attendance, and more and more important than we approach the weekend, the Comic Con is the appointment of all fans. And fans find their account there! As far as we are particularly concerned, there has been a special place in the heart of the hall entitled for a few years Toy Growers which brings together many companies and actors in Designer Toy. Let us quote in bulk Toy2R, Flopdoodle, Strangeco, Super7, Munky King, Kidrobot, Tokidoki, Tower Records, Kaching Brands, Kozik, Gama-Go ... From the indoor artist to the confirmed box, it is obvious that the Comic Con is the compulsory meeting to meet almost all the actors of the movement (finally especially the Americans). The majority of artists have also made the trip, whether for a simple signing session, or to explore like everyone else the long aisles of the living room. So Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Tokidoki, Jeff Soto, Pushead, Friends With You, Pete Fowler, James Jarvis, Joe Ledbetter, Mars-1, Jermaine Rogers, Run, Nathan Jurevicius, Hiddy / Secretbase And I forget it. In a rather good -natured atmosphere, the artists lend themselves cheerfully to the game, signing boxes and figurines, chatting with the fans, festy in the evening. It would have taken the gift of ubiquity to be able to attend all the events, so it was rather necessary to sort out and monitor the clock because time passes here faster than everywhere else. Here is for the general atmosphere, in the next episode, we will get a little more in detail by going around the forces in the presence. SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC

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