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Article: General atmosphere // SDCC 2007 Report


General atmosphere // SDCC 2007 Report

Let us never forget one thing, the San Diego Comic-Con is the largest living room in the world on pop/comics culture so it means that you will find many exceptional stands, from the last Disney Superproduction or via big manufacturers of toys Presenting the latest strong and most prestigious comic book publishers in the middle of linear lines strewn with independent designers, pop artists on the return and crazy sellers offering tens of thousands of comics at 1c or $ 5,000. To put you in the mood a small series of photos to show you that on the one hand we are not afraid of ridicule and that when we are a big international brand we tend to put the package to have a bigger stand than that of the neighbor. The biggest competition we call it. Visitors are happy, Brands Fill the order books faster than a pervench its green butterflies in the dry tree district. In short, the joy of happiness, candor, ugliness, stupor, and a good pack of madness. Note that for the first time since its creation, this fair has been sold-out, yes, no longer throw, no one having previously bought a ticket could return. Some images so that you can see what is going on there outside the Designer Toy Corner: Jabba The Hut Star Wars will never die (will you be on?) Vader and Little Girl This is the fett in the village The Star Wars license again and again, exploited until the end of the descendants of the Lucas Family. Oh yeah Hophophop The perfect crossover of two American culture monsters: Elvis and Storm Trooper. Elvis Trooper! Storm Troopers P1000351.jpg Wolverine and Wolverinette WONDER WOMAN Lego Lego Batman P1000380.JPG Alone or with family, cosplay is a religion Flaaaaaash for the day P1000337.JPG Almost published last year, but the SCI-FI channel stand (which notably broadcasts Battlerstar Galactica) is beautiful. Sci-fi Disney plays her little this year ... They barely moved half of Disneyland Pirates Doctor Jones !! Doctor Jones !! (Yeah is still waiting for a year and a half my little half-moon) Indy Trigun

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