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Article: Munky King // SDCC 2007 Report


Munky King // SDCC 2007 Report

Californian shop Munky King (The toycom which climbs like an ivy on the wall of your grandmother's house) has once again surpassed for this new edition of the Comic Con. Many new super interesting projects as well as long -awaited releases, we remember seeing the protos of the pushers last year and they were finally put on sale. First we touch with the eyes, after we will talk about it with our fingers. Thomas Han - Pusher Colorways PUSHER 1 PUSHER 2 PUSHER 3 Thomas Han in full signature Thomas Han Signing 1 Luke Chueh - Exclusive SDCC possessed - 150 pieces Possessed sdcc 1 Possessed SDCC 2 Nathan JEurevicius - Munky King toy Munky King 1 Munky King 2 Yoskay Yamamoto - Fish head prototype Fish head Amanda Visell - Ephunt & Pink Elephant Ephunt 1Ephunt 2 Ephunt 3 Dave Pressler - Angry Clobber Monkey & Stupid Little Robot Buddy Clobber Globber 2 Stupid Little Robot The Pizz - Eyepore Eyepore

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