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Article: His goku to the defense!

Son Goku à la Défense!

His goku to the defense!

After the end of the anime in Japan (the last episode is still fresh in the country of the rising sun) and while waiting for the film planned this winter, the characters of Dragon Ball will take their brands to the Defense.

Already 30 years since the worship series of Akira Toriyama makes the children of yesterday and today on French television. On the occasion of this anniversary, 9 days of animations are planned in the 4-stroke mall.

A large number of activities and animations ranging from virtual reality through video games and children's space will be on the menu.
The public can also try to play cards and episodes will be broadcast.
In summary, a lot of surprises await you in the company of Saiyans!

For more information it is by here, Or on The Facebook page of the event.

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