Super Crash Bro by Josh Divine

Do you think you are the only ones to pick up from time to time? Not at all ! Thanks to the artist Josh Divine we understand it better than ever. Continuing his work on fallen icons, Josh Divine is re-associated with Strangecat toys To launch a figurine dedicated to ... Mario! Yes, there is not only Astro in life, there is Mario too. The most famous 80's plumbers takes a beautiful bowl after failing the platform.

Keeping Mario's initial codes (Red cap, blue overalls and white gloves), Josh Divine shows us Mario Faced Against Earth, Legs in the Airs. From the top of its 22 cm, the figurine Super crash bro also a wink in the game Super Mario Bros, released in 1985. Edited to 200 copies, this figurine will be perfect next to that of Astro, exit earlier by Josh Divine

Credits: Josh Divine / Strangecat Toys

Source: vinylpulse

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