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Article: Supergiver tells us everything


Supergiver tells us everything

Superb The creator of the stereotype is revealed and presents his universe Super meal interview Can you introduce yourself to the public: age, courses, current activity (s), expos. Sébastien Roux, 30 years old. After dropping the 'normal' school curriculum in the second: reorientation in the creation of decorations (Eurodisney, cinema), then various training in space design, interior decoration. Then other change of travel direction Graphic art, that's where I started touching the computer. From there I went to hire in an advertising agency, then at Teamchman and is now freelanced for 2 years. What is your oldest toy memory? I remember mostly the toys I did not. One of my best friends had a transformers truck, huge disappointment ... How did you discover the designer toy scene? I have always loved the toys, my parents were a bit worried about seeing me keep characters 'masters' and posters of the Battle of the planets in my first apartment at 21 years old. There was no discovery it was a continuity, everything has been chained naturally, I went toys with whom I played Japanese figurines and Toy that I used in decorations and today this scene From Toy Designers who is officially recognized as an art .... I think we're all about in this case the right? Are you a toy addict or are you this scene with a detached and distant eye? I am not a toy addict in the collector. By cons I am the news of Toyz with pleasure. I am more for quality than quantity. When did you take the desire to do toys? Since Perpette! That said it's still 2 years ago, I would have never imagined that possible. How was the connection with itrangers? I had this concept of stereotype in my closets for a long time. So I prepared a small file explaining the thing and then presented it to several toy manufacturers. I also inquired at the Auto Production level, but I quickly realized that it was impossible (distribution level). What do you think of itranders and toys they produce? The ITangers team is incredible, they are so active and productive. The Boys are very popular in Asia; I find it interesting, we go from the designer toy to the advertising support. If we look closer, this is the case for just about all Toydesigners today: collaboration with brands, special series, crossover etc. On 'Markete' the artists and their productions, it does not have anything innocent or just creative, it makes the game even more fun I find. Do you plan to create more toys or do you consider this activity like a one-shot (or rather double one-shot seen that there are two sets of stereotype)? I do not have a very long-term plan for the stereotype, today we are working on 6 'versions, as long as I take pleasure in developing the concept, I continue. As for other toys, yes I have some ideas that should go to the realization in 2005. I am now linked to a company (Thunderdog Studio). The work with Thunderdog is different, there I touch directly to the manufacture since we produce us even toys and figurines. Do you think that the concept of stereotype can still persist on several series or do you believe that it does not fall into the overexploitation of the same "mold"? No, I do not want to fall into overexploitation, but again as long as I will find original ideas I do not see why not continue. and # 61514; What are the receptions on your figurines in the world and especially in the country of manufacture / marketing first: Hong Kong? In view of sales I think the welcome is rather positive. A special series has come out in China in collaboration with San Miguel beer and 7Eleven stores (especially for Halloween). Have you ever tried other sculpture or modeling methods out of computer tools? Yes I'm having fun with Super Sculpey. and # 61514; I also made lint at the beginning like everyone else. Do you create on other media that digital? Yes I do not deprive myself to test a little while: posters, stickers, painting, screen printing .... I am currently working on the first T-shirt collection of the BSHIT brand. What advice (s) could you give to designers to see his ideas produced? Hmm it will not be very original: having a solid concept, a personal graphic style and then ensure that its project is feasible (number of parts, number of colors, size etc.). And especially you have to believe in his trick, everything is possible. Today, even though the toy market is saturated, manufacturers are looking for new artists, new concepts ... Any character designer who respects dreams one day or another to see his animated characters and pass on small or big screen, is it a dream you shared? If so, are you on such projects? I like animation but at small doses, I have been working for 1 month for the Comedy Central USA TV channel where I develop 5/10 dry animals, perfect format for me! I can not see myself staying 1 year or more on a feature film, anyway it's not my job. Do you think there is a superb style? What are its characteristics ? Simple graphics and fun, humor, auto derision (cf below). Humor and the derision seem to be constants in your creations, do I deceive me? Should we be offset to work today? I do not know if it's necessary. In any case that's how I work, my design is very simple, sleek, I'm not an 'illustrator' in the technical sense, so I work forms to go to the essential and I add either derision , a message, or humor ... How do you choose people to work? Do you accept everything without conditions or do you refuse today more and more solicitations? No I do not refuse a lot of solicitations, for now I have the chance to have had interesting projects. Who would you dream of working? Staple Design, Recon .... Which society would you like to redraw the graphic charter? I like to work in relationship with music so I would say work on the identity of labels like astralwerks, xl recordings ... Should we expect a superfold surf in those months to come with merchandising in every way or do you want to limit your "mercantile appearances"? No surfing, but a lot of novelties in 2005.;) Why did you leave France? To pay less taxes like Alain Delon and Cédric Pioline? Yes it's for taxes. No it's more for the opportunity to travel, meet people ... Internet is good but there's a moment when I wanted to see the people I bump every day. and # 61514; As a result of traveling my open many doors, besides it's a board that I could add for people who wish to make toy (in fact it must walk with everything): Travel, go see people, see people, Talk about them directly. What are your goals and projects for the coming months? A return to France in December for a few months, preparation of a large expo project in collaboration with Kidrobot (see next question). I am now artistic director for the company Thunderdog created by Tristan Eaton A NYC. I climb in parallel with several friends the college Unchi Leisure Center (more news soon), the release of my Dunny 2 series, a new Toy produced by Kidrobot (summer 2005), the version 6 'of the stereotypes, A BSHIT FRINGER brand .... I have something to have fun. When is a supergiver expo in France? So Expected Expected Summer 2005 in collaborate with Kidrobot, with a unitive concept since the exhibition will be visible in several cities at the same time. I will present silkscricks in collaboration with Tristan Eaton and other guests, posters, paintings, TOYZ facilities. A color theme will be attributed to each place of expo, the work presented will be in the corresponding tones. With which toydesigner (s) would you like to collaborate? Devil Robots ToyDesigner (s) favorite? Rolito, Devil Robots, Pete Fowler Favorite draftsman (s)? Run, Kant1, Yuck Favorite artist (s)? Kawns Preferred grave guard (s)? 123KLAN;) Which artist would you reveal to see ToyDesigner? Genevieve Gauckler Favorite website? Animated Drawing (s) / Favorite Animation Film? The Nightmare Before Christmas BDS / Manga / Preferred Comics? I do not read comics, mangas or comics Favorite film (s)? Wars style Preferred brands? Supreme, Bathing Ape, Staple Preferred store? The Lazy Dog 2 Passage Thiéré Paris 11eme City / Preferred Location? Lille Favourite music ? Beastie boys, 2manydj's, Dj Assault, Auto, Freddy Fresh .... Last question: What do you think of Panda-Z? Horse Superb Superb Superb Superb Superb

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