Superplastic and James Groman show the crocs!

Superplastic title his post Instagram by"Killer Croc Alert" And it is not to describe a diverse fact but indeed to announce the release of its future figurine. And it is with the illustrator and Toy Designer, size in his field, James GROMAN that it associates with the time of 3 figurines that have character. Among them we find Crocodilius Superjanky, skilful mash-up between an animal character and the flagship character of Superplastic: Janky.

It's not a trial for James GROMAN who also collaborated on the JANKY SERIES 2 Superplastic. This time it's not a 3 "but 8" figurine that awaits you. Two-color and very detailed, Crocodilius Superjanky is published at 999 copies and will soon be available on our website ! There is something to be impatient ... In the meantime we give you an appointment on theInstagram account of James GROMAN To discover the other figures of This very pointed edition !

Credits: James GROMAN / Superplastic

Source: Pr.

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