Superplastic reveals his secret project!

Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee Has hidden their game these few days. With enigmatic photos on social networks and texts that were as much, now the duet is about to let go of a bomb on the international toys scene: they give life to their emblematic characters via A division based on animation and entertainment ! It must be said that the $ 10 million From their fundraising help particularly in launching this brand new major project. But what is it exactly?

Far from a simple animation, Superplastic used the best facilitators for Janky and Guggimon (The flagship characters of the brand) are able to interact with the fans. No we are not in a movie of SF but participate well in the transformation of figurines in ... influencers. The playground of the animators for this project? Social networks ! No, you're not dreaming. Janky and Guggimon will ripple your daily life with Photos, video and inspirational stories where product investments. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Dr. Martens, are already tagged on their posts, that is to say. However this crossing between fashion and figurines is not new, especially for Huck Gee who had already collaborated with creators numbers for his skullhead project.

What should we think of this project? Is it a subtle marketing To highlight his iconic characters or An innovative way to democratize the scene toys by social networks? Surely a bit of both. Besides, you will find Janky and Guggimon in New York and Montreal, respectively in 2019 and 2020 for exhibitions that are already surprising.

Superplastic strikes a great blow with this new announcement on the Scene toys, which is accompanied in parallel with the launch of a new figurine: Kranky Janky by Sket-One.

If we murmur that other characters could join Superplastic gang 2.0, we are content for the time to spin on the Instagram accounts ofJanky andGuggimon For this very new experience.

Credits: Superplastic

Source: Superplastic / The Toy Chronicle

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