Superplastic X Gorillaz, the 'crazy collab to discover now!

That fans of the pop art group tremble, 2d gorillaz Finds his virtual minis on a figurine of the most impressive. Mimetic and pop, it resumes without detour the codes of the character of the virtual group. Born in 1998, under the impulse of Damon Albarn and Jamie HewlettGorillaz has created a new and special effervescence right out of his first album. Today fans are waiting for the least opportunity for put down Indetensible Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc. and Dare !

It's soon possible thanks to Superplastic which takes the air of nothing one of the most crazy collars of the moment. First Art Toy on the group in 10 years (we still have an emotional memory of Kidrobot outings), This stuart 2d pot figurine - Incarnate by Jamie Hewlett - plunges us into the licked iconography of the group came upset all the musical system. For 2D proof, with its two-tone cream and pink shoes with curves, its sharp trousers and his blue hair in battle, here transformed into a figurine of 30 cm singing, microphone in hand. The detail that kills ? 2D eyes light up

Sold in a collectorGorillaz 2D figurine and Superplastic will be very soon available on our website. The perfect Christmas gift for the music lovers you are!

Credits: Gorillaz / SuperPlastic

Source: Superplastic

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