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Article: Sweety US Version - Thursday 7 October


Sweety US Version - Thursday 7 October

And 5! That's the latest version of Sweety from Toxic Candies that we had to reveal. The little papillote imagined by Stéphane Levallois therefore offers in bluish version. it's about the US version of the character (left on the image), limited like the Euro version (right so) to 500 pieces only. Both versions do the pair well, is not it? Knowing that the Artoyz and Retro versions are sold-out, we only have 3 out of 5 versions of available. The success of the small sweetey does not send, so much the better. And for once we have the quantities on the US version! Find this version of Sweety on the Artoyz site, in the Artoyz Shop shops + gallery and Artoyz Citadium and in Artoyz dealers from the Thursday 7 October. Here is the complete series of all versions of Sweety:

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