The Guardian by Xavier Magaldi

Hybridization. Such is The vault key of the artist Xavier Magaldi. From graffiti, he quickly works his own alphabet by constantly decreasing him to enrich his gesture. A plastic gesture of a phenomenal precision he holds from his watchmaking studies, making him transposed this art into his creations where the geometry meets the mechanics, as you can see with The Guardian. Personified sculpture that one would believe that elsewhere ...

With an artistic practice inspired by futurists and cubists, among others, Xavier Magaldi plays this inheritance for reinterpret and give another dimension to the abstract. For if these guardians are benevolent, their non-figurative character challenges as much as it attracts. Resin and metal thoughts on an axis, while verticality, these objects - who make a real wink to science fiction - also appease by Monochromatic colors as the Black Matt (published at 20 copies and prize € 430), Black translucent (published at 55 copies and at the price of 400 €) or again Blue Translucent (published at 15 copies and prize € 430). From the top of his 45 cm,The Guardian of Xavier Magaldi has not delivered all its secrets yet.

Credits: Xavier Magaldi

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