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Article: The Mirf by 1143NYC X Thunderdog Studios


The Mirf by 1143NYC X Thunderdog Studios

THE MIRF We expected the exit of the Futura tag in volume, allegedly produced by AdFunture and never released so far. Fortunately other graffitiors move the popotin by digging new tracks between vinyl and graffiti and not just to lay cardboard bboys when even plastic. Familors should rejoice in this beautiful initiative. CREW 1143NYC made up of Sirf and Mint bossed with Tristan and his team of Thunderdog Studios To adapt this sculpture that measures 9 inches and will be offered in a luxurious packaging. Two versions will appear at first, the version West Coast (black and brilliant white) and East Coast (black and matte white). These will come out in June. Beautiful tempting pictures under my feet: THE MIRF THE MIRF

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