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Article: The Shocking, the Ultra Pop Mashup of Fools Paradise

The Shocking, le mashup ultra pop de Fools Paradise

The Shocking, the Ultra Pop Mashup of Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise does not lack resources to surprise his fans. With Dokkan and BrutusThe figurine publisher had already typed in the mile, reminding us of our attachment to Dragon Ball Z and Popeye. What references will the creative label summon this time?

Seeing The Shocking The images have rockets, as if to remind us that our memory does not make us any fault, yet the bridge was not done. Celebrating the 80s, Fools Paradise Mixe Two Indeterponible Figures: Mario and Jack Torrance From The Shining. You see now? Small mustache and head in the door, it could only be that.

This mashupAlso surprising as great, mixes the most famous characteristics of the two characters. We find this faithful Mario, hero of the video game released in 1983, with his mythical mustache, his hammer and his big nose perfectly juxtaposed at Jack Torrance, head through the door, become a Tantine psychopath in the breathtaking The Shining of Stanley Kubrick in 1980.

With chromatic landmarks the blue and the red, common to the two characters for a perfect fusion, The Shocking of Fools Paradise really has everything to please his presentation at Thailand Toy Expo.

Available in pre-order on the site ofFools Paradise from 25/07.

Credits: Fools Paradise

Source Fools Paradise Instagram

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