Srsly Japan, WTF? You may not know yet yet THE WORLD OF GOLDEN EGGSWell we will arrange that. Animated sketches created by More Heads IncThis series is worship in Japan, and totally unknown elsewhere. The story takes place in the city of Turkey's HillEach episode is directly related to the false local TV chain and around the "hand plot" gravity of inconsistent sketches and bizarre English lessons to our dear nippons friends at the end of the episode. Around this small world climbed a large number of characters at the least strange. As you can see on the top image, the chara-design is completely confusing: rude features, random anatomy. You can view a number of episodes on Daymotion Or a small overview here: [YouTube][/youtube] Big commercial success in Japan (in the Top 10 DVDs sold in 2007 and 2008) it was unimaginable that it can not be plethora of derivatives as wacky as ... edible. Apart from the innumerable noodle bags, cakes, banana shakes or gaugmandises borderline, it is obviously not surprising to see the "heroes" of the series declined in figurines. And it is of course Medicom who sticks there, the kings of good taste and the pure bad taste transcended have once given itself to heart joy around this uninhibited and frankly enjoyable subject. Everything starts with a Bearbrick, in this case it derived from the series 17: We say that "it goes", but when it comes to decline all this beautiful world in vinyl, we do not answer anything ... I let you discover the photos of the figurines to go out this summer in Japan.

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“weeee re aaaaall golden eggs”
et beh c est pas trop tot.
Je reserve un turkey ranger tiens ^^
A noter que par episode,seulement un des 2 sketchs est sous titré,mais c est deja super.
ET meme si l action semble se passer aux usa, ils se moquent surtout des comportement sociaux japonais. donc ca va .

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