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Article: Tik Ka from East: between Culture Pop and Chinese Traditions!

Tik Ka from East: entre Culture Pop et Traditions Chinoises!

Tik Ka from East: between Culture Pop and Chinese Traditions!

The artist Tik Ka tries to deliver an optimistic, positive, free and simple thought to the public through tales and characters drawn from his wonderful world, between Chinese Folklore and Culture Pop.
It is not uncommon to find the Avengers with the deities of Chinese legends, the most famous heads of state with Bouddah looks, etc.
What interests us today is the announcement of the collaboration between Tik Ka and Mighty Jaxx which proposes the famous clown Ronald McDonald's with the sauce "Szechuan"!

Always very difficult to have release dates with Mighty Jaxx, Hambuddha Tik Ka From East is scheduled for the following weeks ... pre-order normally.

Otherwise we will soon find the artist with its beautiful jade statuettes of Aliens and Predecessors entitled "Warrior from the Jade Galaxy" planned at HeroCross and Unbox Industries!

Which Toyz do you prefer to see on the site?

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